the silent wild client.

For those who are adventurous • For those who like to have fun • For those who love to laugh • For those who want to make lasting impressions • For those who are unique • For those who want to change the world • For those who are down for a good heart-to-heart conversation • For those who are bold • For those who aren't afraid to try new things • For those who live for the here and now • For those who are wild • For those who are joyful • For those expectant of new seasons

Kaylin is an incredible photographer with a passion for capturing people, emotions, and moments. Her shoots are so fun - I laughed the whole time and felt completely comfortable - and the final photos were beautiful. Get ready to have a blast and get some amazing photos that will be your profile pictures for at least the next year.
— K.T.
I’ve never felt so comfortable around a camera than I was with Kaylin. She made me laugh the whole time and I even forgot I was taking photos at one point. She pours herself not only into her work, but also her client’s lives. I feel like a made a new friend after working with her!
— B.L.

You should choose me.

I want to capture who you really are in these photographs. Graduating seniors or expectant mothers, I want to authentically tell your story through my lens.