What is silent wild?

behind the name

Photos are silent, but they capture the raw, unposed, wild moments of life. Inspired by wild love and fierce joy people carry, my goal is to capture these two things in my client's lives. 

how i want swp to be known

I want Silent Wild Photos to be known by . . .

who is silent wild?

photo by melody joy

kaylin joy arrington

I can't believe I get to do this! Since I was young I had a desire to photograph people and their beauty. And now, with over four years of professional experience, at age 23, here I am living out my childhood dream! As much fun as I have with what I do, I also hold a deep reverence for it. I am capturing memories that future generations will look back to for a glimpse into the lives you've lived. It's my responsibility and honor to document your moments in a way that accurately portrays who you really are. That's why I have a slight disdain for tense and rigid posing. It's my goal to make clients feel at ease in front of the camera so that they can truly be themselves!

If you choose me to capture your memories and tell your story through my lens, I will do more than just that. I will laugh with you, cry with you, and celebrate you; I don't only want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend.

a few of my favorite things

traveling • laughing • my dog • Downton Abbey • Jesus • ice cream • mountains • g-free pizza • dancing • Adele •  chips 'n salsa • shark cage-diving • love • Broadway • encouraging others • families • standup paddleboarding • g-free pancakes • photography •  guacamole • singing • Cape Town • these baby hands